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Why is electrostatic disinfection better than wiping down surfaces?

Electrostatic disinfection creates touchless, 360-degree coverage.

It is impractical to wipe down every single surface in a building. That is why many focus on touchpoint disinfection, which is the disinfection of commonly touched surfaces. These areas include, handles, table tops, desks, counters, fixtures, light switches and office equipment. 

Wiping down surfaces can lead to cross contamination when done incorrectly. If disinfectants are not left to dwell for the correct amount of time, it isn't effective. For example, if you spray a disinfectant on a surface and wipe it right away, you haven't allowed enough time for the disinfectant to do its job. 

This is not to say that touchpoint disinfection isn't effective. Our staff is highly trained. The towel and bucket method is effective and so are disinfecting wipes, but there is a method that is superior. 

Electrostatic spray disinfection is the most effective method of disinfection. It ensures 360-degree coverage and the disinfectants we use have a one minute kill claim for coronavirus, meaning they effectively kill the COVID-19 after dwelling on the surface for only one minute. 

The application process allows you to disinfect every surface with ease.