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When should I have electrostatic disinfection performed?

Electrostatic disinfection should be performed regularly to protect your staff and customers from exposure to harmful germs.

Electrostatic disinfection can be performed as a preventative measure to maintain the health and safety of a facility. It can also be performed in response to a positive COVID-19 case, our outbreak of any kind. While we are all concerned with COVID-19 at the moment, disinfection services are beneficial year round to prevent the spread of a variety of different pathogens, including the common cold and the flu.

Electrostatic disinfection does not have a lasting effect. If a harmful pathogen is reintroduced to an area after the service is performed, it will need to be sprayed again. That is why we recommend having the service performed regularly. A minimum of two times per month is recommended, but the more frequently your facility is sprayed, the better protected your staff and customers will be. 

Electrostatic disinfection is highly recommended in response to positive COVID cases in your facility. It is a safe and effective way to ensure that all areas are thoroughly disinfected.

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