What are your safety procedures?

We take safety and security seriously at every facility we service.

We want to keep your employees and their belongings safe. All of our franchise owners are badged with photo ID so that you know who they are. If you require background checks, we get them done. If other testing is required, we supply that as well. If there are areas of your facility that you don’t want us to enter, we won’t. Before we leave for the night we lock your doors and set the alarm.

Depending on the facility’s rules and regulations, our franchise owners and employees are required to pass two stepTB testing, a physical clearance, drug testing and background checks before they receive clearance to work in any healthcare setting. If immunization records are needed, we are happy to provide them. While cleaning, our staff is required to use appropriate PPE per regulations. Each member is equipped with a list of checkpoints that must be disinfected to ensure no surface is missed.

We also use EPA-approved products to prevent any skin irritations or asthma flare ups. In addition to maintaining ethical cleaning practices, we educate our crews on the responsibilities of safety. Making sure floors are marked for slip hazards, chemicals are stored securely and equipment is put away can help prevent accidents from happening.