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Services aren't going so great. How do we make improvements?

Our support staff and quality assurance team will work together to ensure services at your facility improve.

We are sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your services. This is what we do to ensure you receive nothing but the best: 

1. When a complaint or request comes in, our customer support team files the complaint as a ticket in our CRM. This ticket triggers a series of events to get services on the right track. 

2. The franchise owner responsible for your account is immediately contacted and a solution is created and fulfilled within 24hrs. 

3. Customer support follows up with both you and the franchise owner to ensure all parties are satisfied. 

4. If it is a repeat complaint or major complaint, quality assurance is involved. They visit the location and work with the franchise owner to resolve the issue. Additional training is scheduled if needed. 

5. Following the quality assurance inspection, a corporate representative will meet with you to follow-up.

If you need to reach our customer support team you can call us at (951) 300-1153 or email us at support@octoclean.com.

Thank you for your partnership!