How much do janitorial services cost?

Size, type of business, time, frequency and services will all influence the price of your janitorial services.

You’re reading this post to learn how much commercial cleaning services cost. But honestly, we can’t give you an exact number. The cost of commercial cleaning services vary by client, facility and task. But that’s not all. Many factors influence the cost of commercial cleaning services. Before a price is set, an audit of your entire facility is required to consider the following factors.


The first factor is size. More square footage equals more dust covered floors, surfaces and windows. When a sales manager audits your building, they measure every square foot of your facility, record every floor type and count every single bathroom. The size of your facility will determine how many employees will service your building and how many hours will be billed to your account. A large company could require anywhere between 10-40 staff members to clean the entire facility efficiently. A school will require anywhere from one to 10. Small offices can get away with one to two people cleaning regularly throughout the week, but it all depends on the amount of people working there and the amount of traffic your facility regularly receives.

Type of Business and Location

Different businesses require different cleaning services. For example, terminal cleaning, cleaning methods used in healthcare environments to control the spread of infections, must be done with care for the health and safety of doctors, nurses and patients. In order to ensure that nothing gets left behind, every inch must be cleaned. It may take anywhere from two to five hours to clean a small surgical room especially when there is equipment involved. You may not be a medical facility, but perhaps your business experiences a lot of foot traffic. High traffic facilities tend to require cleaning more frequently. If you are located in a remote area, it may also be difficult to get a team to you. All of these factors must be considered.


We’ve already established that the size and type of business being serviced influences how long it takes to clean. The time of day also matters. If your facility is being cleaned during the day, efficiency slows down. If your employees are using the restroom, cleaning stops. If your employees are on the phone, equipment needs to be powered down. Because of this, many prefer that their facility be cleaned after hours. Although they may not be peak hours for you, they are peak cleaning hours for a professional service, which can have an impact on service prices.


How often do you want your facility cleaned? The more frequent your facility is cleaned, the cleaner it will stay. If you are a hospital, medical facility or school, you will most likely need your facility serviced regularly. These types of businesses and organizations are prone to big messes and are larger than your typical office space. You may even consider hiring a day porterDay porters are the unseen heroes of a facility. They work daily at your facility to ensure that it stays clean in between regularly scheduled cleaning services. Although they keep up appearances, your facility still requires specialists to finish your floors and deep clean your restrooms after hours.

Expected Duties

This one goes without saying. The price of your commercial cleaning services will increase or decrease depending on the amount of services you select. For example, you may be interested in general janitorial, floor care and window cleaning. Investing in all three services  will increase your price, but it is well worth it. We will let you in on an industry secret. People look at three things to determine the cleanliness of a space. They look at the windows, the floor and the bathrooms. You want to make sure that all three areas are taken care of. The type of floors and finishings in your bathrooms will impact how we go about servicing your facility.

Quality cleaning services don’t need to break the bank, but they are an investment. Your facility is a physical representation of who you are and should be clean 24/7. Factors that will influence the price of your commercial cleaning services include size, type of facility, time, frequency and services.

Before you reach out to a professional cleaning service, there are a few things you need to know:

  • How large your facility is. If you aren’t sure of the exact square footage, the number of employees that work in your space will give us an estimate.
  • Have an idea of what services you are interested in.
  • Know your budget. Your budget will help us come up with a game plan that keeps your facility clean and satisfies your wallet.

Having answers to these questions will make the process of hiring a commercial cleaning service much easier.

Wondering how much it would cost to service your facility? Request a free quote!