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How do I become an OctoClean franchise owner?

There are five steps you must take to become the owner of an OctoClean franchise.

Thank you for showing interest in OctoClean franchise opportunities! You are already on the right track, now you need to take the next step. Here is how it works! 

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1. Schedule a Meeting

This meeting is information only. There is never any pressure for you to sign the franchise agreement. In this meeting, we will go over the franchise offer, price packages and our support services. We will also answer any questions you have about owning a franchise.

2. Do Your Research

Now that you know more about us, it's time for you to do your own research. Get online and review our website, blog and social media to get a better understanding of how we do business and what the company culture is like here. Review this information with your family.

3. Pass Our Vetting Process

So you've done your research and want to move forward. That is great news! Before we continue, we now need to do our research to ensure that you have the qualifications to be a franchise owner.

4. Sign the Agreement

Once you pass the screening process, it is time for you to sign the franchise agreement. You will be invited to the office to complete your paperwork. At this time, your 30-day training will be scheduled. 

5. Begin Operations

Training at OctoClean is ongoing. After your 30-day initial training, you will be assigned your new accounts. A member of our team will provide on-site training to ensure you become accustomed to the account and have the resources you need to start on the right foot. As you choose to grow your business, new accounts will be assigned to you. 


Now that you know what to expect, are you ready to get started? If so, you can fill out the form below to get started! You can also contact us at (951) 300-1153 or info@octoclean.com