Commonly Asked Floor Care Questions

Everything you need to know when scheduling floor care services.

How often should I schedule floor care services? 

No two buildings are the same. The frequency to which your floors will require cleaning depends on a variety of factors: the type of floors, the approximate age of the floors and how much traffic your facility receives. In order to determine how frequently your floors need cleaning, we must first create a list of all the floor types in your facility and their conditions. We can then create a floor care program that is right for you. We typically recommend either semi-annual floor care maintenance, or quarterly floor care maintenance depending on the size of the facility.


How long do floor care services take? 

Floor care can take anywhere from 2-5 hours to complete depending on the services being performed and the size of the space. To avoid causing disruptions at your facility during business hours, we highly recommend that our team perform floor care services at your facility after hours.


What preventative measures can I take to protect my floors?

Floor damage is often caused by a lack of knowledge about cleaning agents. If there is an emergency that compromises your floors, do not try to clean it yourself. Instead , give us a call. We are happy to help.


For more information about our floor care services, visit the floor care page of our website.